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masterpiece. completely untethered from reality and without any acceptance of responsibility. >> with his wife, dotty, and four of his children in the courtroom, sandusky choked back tears as he delivered rambling, defiant, unrepentant testimony. i'm filled with emotion and determination, he said. i didn't do these alleged disgusting acts. sandusky and his defense team promised an appeal inassistant they were not given sufficient time to prepare for the trial. >> today, it will be jerry sandusky's rights and you'll say, waited wait a minute, i need more time. >> his words were no match of the gut wrenching testimony of four of his six victims. it will be inside me for ever.
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you said you were the tickle monster so you could touch my 11-year-old body. finally, he forced me to touch him. he called it horseplay. only later did i understand the sexual assault. i'm troubled by flashbacks of his naked body. one by one, they detailed the physical and emotional anguish inflicted by sandusky and the betrayal of the father figure they became to trust. >> beforehanding down the sentence, the judge addressed the victims directly. he said it's for your courage and not for the assault that you will be remembered. live from bellefonte, pennsylvania, i'm andrea mccarren, back to you. >> chilling testimony even now. andrea, thank you. jerry sandusky's refusal to admit guilt, we have seen this before and in fact, in our area. the city of falls church was rocked by the child molestation
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case of michael gardner. peggy fox, you covered this trial start to finish and you have an exclusive interview today. >> i sat down with the parents of one of his victims. their daughter was only 10 years old when michael gardner molested her and another girl at her daughter's slumber party. when mr. rice heard what mr. sandusky said, it was like deja vu. despite the fact michael gardner was convicted of sexually abusing two young girls, close friends and family members, including his wife, former falls church mayor, robyn gardner, refused to believe he did it. on his sentencing day last month, gardner offered no apology. instead, he insisted he had been wrongly convicted. dan and christina rice, whose daughter was molested by gardner were not surprised. >> gardner and sandusky continue to say that they are innocent, why do you think? >> because they are still
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fighting it. also, they have wives that love them and families that support them. if they ever admit that they did do it, then they could lose that and you know -- >> it's all they have. >> i think that's what we see in the statements of these men. there's absolutely no regard for the human beings that they hurt purposely. >> psychologist casey fisher has done extensive research. child molesters are narcissistic sos sociopaths. >> they tend to have created systems, webs of lies in their lives. they experience a rush and a sense of enjoyment from engaging in these dark fantasies and acting them out. >> not only did both sandusky and gardner insist they were
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wrongly convicted at their sentencing, but they both also blame their victims. >> somebody accuses someone else of a crime, they end up getting put on trial every bit as much as the person accused. >> now it was the rice's daughter and the other girl who was molested who told their parents immediately the next morning and then the detective got that dna evidence and both the interviews with the girls and their testimony and that dna evidence is what helped convict michael gardner. but you know, the girls said they knew detail because what they learned in school. but the rice said, i wish i have been taught what to do when it was happening. >> call for help right away. but again, denial continues. >> absolutely. >> thank you, back to you guys. >> frederick county sheriff's office is looking for a driver who tried to coax a girl into his car. it happened this morning at a school bus stop on pleasant
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walk road near meyersville. investigators say that man was driving a four-door sedan. they say he approached the girls several times and offered her a wide to school. she refused and ran inside her house and the man took off. more security is expected in that area over the next few days. former d.c. council chair, kwame brown, was hauled back into court today where an angry judge gave him a tongue lashing and a curfew for violating the terms of hisrelease. bruce, you say kwame could have gone to jail for all this. >> former council chairman could have gone to jail today, derek. judge richard leon was angry and that might be an under statement. he was more annoyed than anything else with the former council chairman. kwame brown was ordered to appear in court today to explain to the judge why he failed to check in by phone with the court's pretrial division on three separate occasions. that was part of the conditions
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on personal recognizance, pending. the judge shot back, it's a little too late in the game for that and ordered brown to appear in person and placed him on a curfew from 11:00 at night until 6:30 in the morning. the judge told brown there won't be three strikes, there will be one. and he has already used that and if he comes before the judge again, he will be ordered to jail. sources close to the case say it's part of his plea bargain agreement, he'll get probation for that bank fraud plea, which included his resignation from office. >> tomorrow, we have the first sentencing in that d.c. federal corruption probe. >> not a public name, not a public official, but a key figure. howard brooks and former staff are on mayor gray's campaign. he was part of a scheme. that would be sulaimon brown.
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as you might recall, we reported first here on 9news that howard brooks wore a wire and that enabled prosecutors, federal authorities, to nab thomas gore who took a plea. >> i have to ask quickly, did kwame brown have any real explanation to why he didn't call in? >> on one occasion, he said he forgot. he was in superior court responding to a misdemeanor charge. >> obviously the judge was not buying it. >> not even close. >> thank you, bruce. sky 9 out flying over the potomac today where the ceo of martin is facing a $1,000 fine for cutting down trees. seems he wanted to improve his view. the washington post reports robert stevens cut down almost an acre of protected land in the farm community. some of those trees around 180 years old. park police opened a criminal probe and montgomery county fined stevens. redskins owner, dan schneider, who is one of his neighbors, also cut down some trees to
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include the view. lesli. >> the fbi wants you to take a good look at the man in this surveillance video. he handed the teller a note and took off in a cab. that man was last seen wearing a dark suit and tie, a dark nationals baseballs hat and sunglasses. tomorrow, the nationals will play the first baseball playoff game in washington in 79 years. as matt jablow tells us, everything about the game is cause for celebration. everything except the game start time. >> yeah. >> greg is the chief operating officer of mcnair travel management in alexandria. >> i've been here 5 1/2 years. >> wednesdays is typically the busiest day of the week. >> wednesday is my heavy sales commitment day. >> this week, that's a big problem. a nationals season ticketholder who is planning on going to tomorrow's playoff game. >> it is exciting this year. >> until the game was
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scheduled for 1:00 in the afternoon. >> it's been really tough to decide what to do and me and some of my guys are just having to pass on tomorrow's game because it is at 1:00. >> that's a shame. >> it's terrible. it's killing us. >> he isn't the only one feeling that way. >> absolutely. >> after the announcement, came only yesterday afternoon. >> very difficult because you are waiting day by day. >> that tomorrow's game would starat 1:00. >> i wish it was at night. >> thousands of fans with tickets to the game have had to either give up their tickets or figure out a way to leave work. >> is there anything available for tomorrow? >> mike, who owns his own electrical supply company is hoping to buy tickets from an unlucky person, unable to attend tomorrow's game. >> can you check your other box office? >> he observed that not all required that the yankees play their game in prime time. it's likely the nationals would have played at night and this entire problem could have been avoided. >> after we get into the
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playoffs for several years to come, we'll be right there in prime time as well. >> yankees. >> yeah. you got it. >> matt jablow, 9news now. >> okay, starting tomorrow morning at 9:00, tickets go on sale for a potential national league championship series at nats park. a maximum of two standing room only tickets for each game can be bought an line for $45 each. national polls show the race for the white house is neck in neck. the election could come down to those undecided voters in the battleground states. that's where the candidates are focusing their time and resources. susan reports from columbus, ohio. >> mitt romney told supporters in iowa, his policies will boost the economy. >> we're going to take back this country. we're going to keep it strong. we're going to get america going again. >> the republican nominee is headed for ohio where he will spend most of this week. >> question ohio families are asking is, who can bring back the jobs?
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>> new emphasis on the state and for good reason. no republican has won the white house without carrying ohio. the obama campaign is well aware of this fact and the president boarded air force one for his 14th visit to ohio this year. during previous stops, he is reminded voters he helped rescue the u.s. auto industry. >> an industry that supports one in eight ohio jobs. >> latest polls show a tight race in ohio. but early voting is already underway here and many voters have made up their minds. >> lori is a small business owner in columbus and might benefit from romney's tax plan. but she doesn't believe it will be good for the country. so she's voting for the president. >> you have to pay your fair share in taxes. that means big business. that means small business. >> phillip is ceo of a local industrial supplier. he wants smaller government and is voting for mitt romney. >> i think that is the central question in this election. what is the size, the role, and
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the scope of government and what is its cost? >> both candidates will be locking for more supporters right up to election day. susan, cbs news, columbus, ohio. >> and by the way, ohio voters have accurately picked the winning presidential candidate in the last 12 elections. derek. coming up, sky dive aboarded. find out why an extreme athlete cancels that effort and he does it at the last second. we are tracking another cold front. we'll tell you what that means for your morning commute and the nats game tomorrow afternoon. and i'm scott broom live in montgomery county. investigating the tragic death of a mentally ill man after he was hit by police pepper spray and why neighbors are asking questions about the group home where he lived.
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that man who died after being pepper sprayed by police in montgomery county yesterday, turns out he was a mentally ill resident of a group home. >> tonight, neighbors of the group home say the tragic incident is just the last straw. they say two such homes in the neighborhood on taylor shop place are a problem that need to be addressed. scott broom is live in montgomery county with more. scott. >> well, first let's do the investigation police are conducting after this tragic death from pepper spray, apparently. the victim was 39-year-old nathan jones who was suffering from skitsofrania since his teenage years. 39-year-old nathan jones died yesterday after being pepper sprayed by police and going unconscious. police were at this home in clarksville at 4:45 in the afternoon monday because joan was allegedly threatening his two house mates with weapons. police said jones was violent
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and resisted arrest. the cause of his death is under investigation. >> i think of all the years, the 21 years, this is the worst i've ever seen him. >> today, jones' mother said he suffers from skitsofrania. >> i wish i could have been there at the time because i would have been able to calm him down. >> i'm shocked. >> meanwhile, residents of this subdivision where some homes run over a half a million dollars say it's no place for a group home. >> not when something like this happens. >> home and one other in the same block are operated by family services incorporated of montgomery county. among the three residents here, this registered sex offender with a criminal record, including charges of assault with a deadly weapon, according to online state court records. >> pretty scary when you have kids who are in the neighborhood and now you don't feel comfortable with them. >> the homes are not supervised by live in
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counselors. instead, on call staffers check in with occasional visits, neighbors say. >> so a tragedy for the family in this case. a police investigation underway into how jones died and a lot of questions from neighbors about the appropriateness of the group home and how it is managed in their neighborhood. i can tell you state records indicate there have been no complaints against the group home. family services in montgomery county operates a dozen group homes like it here in montgomery county. reporting live in montgomery county, scott broom, 9news now. >> thank you. >> it is being called another first for nasa's mars curiosity rover. this is a first look at the six wheeled robotic explorer, collecting its first scoop of material. you can see the sand and the powdery substance that was collected on sunday. well now, scientific instruments will be used to analyze the consistency of that material. and an extreme sky dive gets called off.
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the plan was for austrian adventurer to reach super sonic speeds in a 23-mile free fall. a 55 story helium balloon was to take to the stratusfear. but the sign forced him to postpone. that sky dive is now planned for thursday. >> i don't know, those gusty winds might have been his good fortune. >> it is 30 below up there. >> he has a whole space suit. that's crazy. we actually have some drying conditions. it's going to take a while. but things are going to work out perfectly. let's start first with fall colors. a will lot of e-mails about this. and you are just about past peek. the good news is, the autumn glory festival is this weekend. also the good news, some of the good colors that moved further eastward, almost to hagerstown, almost to martinsburg. we have near peek between
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cumberland and hagerstown. good color to leesburg and frederick. not much color down into southern maryland. this is posted on the website at our michael and son weather cam, we got clouds. we can't shake them. we talked about this yesterday. you have this easterly component of the wind and a marine layer. it's pretty shallow, but it does the trick. 62 right now. dew point is 50 and pressure is steady. 30.11 inches of mercury. satellite picture, radar combined. some showers pushing through. this is actually a cold front that will go through the metro area tomorrow afternoon. now it's going to go through the immediate metro area dry. it will produce some afternoon showers in the mountains, but it's going to set the stage for a very nice thursday for us and a very nice friday for us. in the meantime, can't pick it out. we have low clouds, a couple sprinkles here and there and the heaviest activity is across the delmarva and across the
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bay. temperatures then, 59d rockville. 59 in bethesda. a little warmer than yesterday, but still below average. we should be low 70s this time of year. 60 in great falls. 58 in fairfax. 58 in arlington and 60 in bowie. so improving slowly. a dry evening commute for the most part. the morning commute will be wet in spots. primarily east of town, southern maryland, charles county, st. mary's county, more sun wednesday. and just great by thursday. so we're looking at late tonight, some clouds still lingering. some light showers right along the bay. we put it back into motion. by early morning, a lot of clouds lingering and finally, everything boom, gets cleared out and we're in good shape by afternoon and evening, just in time for the nats game. all right, next three dais look like this. green, green, and green. 69 tomorrow. maybe a morning shower. afternoon sun. great on thursday. great on friday. temperatures in the mid 60s.
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next seven days. it actually gets better. saturday is gorgeous. mostly sunny. temperatures around 70. sunday, i backed off 80, although it could be 80. we'll say 79. ravens playing at home. looks great. maybe some showers on monday and then still pretty warm on tuesday. sunshine and 73. we showed you some video yesterday of our snow out in west virginia. this comes, it was taken on monday from shaefers mountain and this was near cass, west virginia. you just go west of harrisonburg into south central west virginia, that's where west virginia is, looking at roosevelt park. mike mcbee, fantastic job and a great picture. all right, go to our website, click on weather and be sure to include your name, location, and description. now mike did a good job taking three pictures getting his name. so put it on one picture so i don't have to play detective. >> we like the snow in the picture, but not for real.
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>> not yet. >> coming up on 9, kermet the frog takes the ruby slippers spot. up next, a very visual reminder about the importance of practicing fire safety.
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in tonight's consumer alert, important fire prevention strategies, a major air carrier loses passengers and money. first the recall of a good for you snack. a problem with some sticky plastic packaging on the craft string cheese has prompted the company to recall about 2700 cases of it. the 12-ounce bags of individual cheese sticks have a use by date of november 23, 2012. if you have it, take it back to the store where you bought it for a full refund. a labor dispute delays and cancellations have dealt a employee to american airlines bottom line. 7% fewer paying passengers booked on its domestic flight compared to this time last year. now business travelers are booking other carriers because they don't want to take the risk and some corporate customers decided to stop flying american for good. just a couple of seconds,
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that is all it took for this to go up in flames. the consumer product safety commission tells us mattress fires are one of the leading causes of fires in homes. so in part of fire prevention week, the agency is urging you to make sure your smoke alarms are working and that you need to do some preventive maintenance on your home heating and cooling equipment. >> have your furnaces and fireplaces and space heaters clean. not let them be close to furniture or to curtains so you can avoid a fire. >> now the cpsc says cooking is the number one cause of fires and estimates about 2300 people die in their homes due to fire every year and thousands more suffer fire related injuries. so, you want to be sure that your family has an escape plan in place and that you practice it often. >> the owners of the original california tortilla store in bethesda are on the move. the new location, just across the street from the original
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store. now the owners say the new store is bigger and a better view of the traffic and to celebrate, they are offering up free buritos tonight. >> it looks like a lot of customers want that. the national museum of american history held a special sendoff ceremony today. dorothy's ruby slippers are going on their first overseas trip. part of an exhibit at the victoria and albert museum in london along with dorothy's blue and white dress. you have to remember that. until they come home, the ruby slippers spot will be held by an original kermet the frog puppet. >> coming up, celebrating 19 years of buddy check 9. through a breast cancer survivor who is paying it forward the buddy check way. could you make it work if you had $30 to spend on 21 meals? we'll take a look at some of the challenges on living on food stamps.
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food stamps are a necessity for thousands in the district, but stretching that allowance into meals can be difficult and comes at the expense of nutrition. some people are taking a food stamp challenge to learn more about the difficulties of living on little and here's their story. >> 140,000 residents in the district rely on food stamps to
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put food on the table. the average weekly allowance for one person, $30. >> it's really challenging to get enough food to last you through the week and also to buy, you know, what you want to eat. >> alex ashbrook is the director of d.c. hunger solutions. an organization that works to end hunger in our community. ashbrook is taking part in the food stamp challenge. ashbrook has $30 for 21 meals, only about $1.40 a meal. this morning she bought everything on the table and she will have to stretch this into breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the next seven days. >> i estimate that i have enough food to get me through five days or so. i really had to be conscious of what i was putting into my cart and i felt like i was playing the price is right, making sure i was going to hit $30. >> ashbrook says, she may eat a sandwich. if she bought a loaf of bread, lettuce and a tomato, $12.76.
5:32 pm
she would stretch all of that across multiple meals. this week, she was forced to buy bread with bologna and spinage, which was on sale. that would cost only $5.57. a big difference, but the cost is nutrition. but the sacrifices allowed her to stretch the money she had. >> food stamps to be even more beneficial should be expanded and funded more so that people can eat throughout the month. >> after the challenge is over, ashbrook says she is fortunate and can go back to eating what she wants. but for too many, living on food stamps is a reality they struggle with every day. in northwest washington, 9news. >> the tsa says it seized a loaded gun from a passenger at reagan national. this happened friday at a security check point. the tsa says the 9 mm semi- automatic handgun was in the man's carry on bag. that gun was taken away after passing through an x-ray machine. now the man faces a state
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weapons charge. however, he was allowed to continue on to his destination in dallas. it is october 9, have you called your buddy? today, we are marking buddy check 9's 19th anniversary. so for all those years, andrea roane has been raising awareness about the importance of early detection in fighting and beating breast cancer. tonight, andrea has the story of one survivor who has taken up the cause of reminding women and men to take charge of their breast health. >> in the far western appalachian portion of maryland, lies the city of cumberland. two years ago, i came here to meet buddy check 9's number one fan. don't recognize her? how about now? back then you couldn't miss that bald head decorated with the breast cancer ribbon tattoo and one for buddy check 9. >> i had my fourth haircut. and i have a few curls now, too. >> yes, you do. >> having hair is the only obvious change in deb. she is still a labor and
5:34 pm
delivery nurse. she is still supported in her cancer journey by their son, and good friend. she still credits buddy check 9 for finding her breast cancer. >> you have done buddy check 9 for so long and touched so many people. and you certainly were completely responsible for me finding my lump. you are responsible for saving my life. >> now deb is paying it forward the buddy check way. she reminds women in person about the steps to good breast health. >> nice to meet you. >> wcbc -- >> she is convinced the local radio station to do it on air. >> by the way, how is your cancer in remission? you caught it early? >> it's not in remission, it's gone. >> for a year, they have been airing reminders on the 12th of the mind. they call it we care breast check day, reaching listeners in cumberland, frostburg, and kyeser, west virginia. >> we have gotten calls
5:35 pm
thanking us for doing it. >> the general manager. >> you really don't know how many lives you truly touch, but if we make a difference in one, it's worthwhile. >> thousands of people that have heard it and it's just a few of them that says oh, i haven't done my breast exam. if they stop and do that, you and i will have accomplished a major goal. it was 100% because of you. you are my role model. you are my role model. >> and in honor of andrea roane and buddy check 9's 19th anniversary, the sponsors of our buddy check 9 text alerts, safeway, and washington radiology associates each donated $1,000 to the making strides against breast cancer walk. andrea would like to give a special thanks to the prevent cancer association and the lome
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lombardi network. allowed us to share your stories on air. to see more of our stories and learn how you can get a text, log on to our website, and click on buddy check 9, the tab at the top of our home page. >> here's to many, many more years of saving lives. coming up, bless you times eight for a little dog caught in a sneeze fest. but up next, a truck plows through a liquor store pinning its owner beneath the rubble. and don't forget, we're always on at stay with us, we'll be right back.
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caught on tape, a close call for a california liquor store clerk. check this out. he was just about hurled off of the planet when a pickup truck slams right through the wall. this all went down in sacramento. you can see the driver of the truck can be seen back up. customers help the owner who was trapped under the rubble of the collapsed wall. the cops were able to track down the driver. i guess that means he didn't stop. that means he drove off. he was arrested and charged with felony dui. >> beverages. >> the owner suffered broken
5:40 pm
legs from those beverages. that's pretty bad. he is expected to recover. now we go to another close call. this one for a beloved family pet rescued from a burning home in arlington, texas. >> we bring this to you from cell phone video, which shows a firefighter coming around the corner with leah the dog limp in his arms. within seconds, rescuers delivered oxygen through masks. bringing her back to life. after an hour of hard work, leah raised her paw, her head, and firefighters smiled. >> it's a great feeling to see these big burly firefighters all gathered around working on a small little dog, trying to bring it back to life. >> rescuers went through five bottles of oxygen and three to four breathing treatments on leah. the same treatment they would administer to humans. >> i guess leah is a member of the family. >> that's right. now to a poor pooch to a fit of sneezing.
5:41 pm
monique anthony has this. that's so cute. she says she was overcome by black pepper from the family's dinner. that's what started this. when he was finally able to catch his breath, they have worn the little guy out. >> was he done? >> sneeze, shake, sneeze, shake. >> he is worn out. >> the whole body was sneezing. all right, still ahead, you like to use your cell phone? you want to stay connected? you want to do it everywhere? what about an on airplane? our take on that. we'll talk more about that coming up next.
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we are kicking the funky graphic, that means we are just saying all the things you have been talking about all week long. anita and lesli are here. a lot to talk about, including cell phones on planes. apparently, you and i can't use our cell phones on our domestic flights, but a few others, you can. those airlines allow it. should they loosen up the rules so you can talk on your cell phone? it will give you something to do on those long flights. >> for goodness sakes, no. you can put whatever you want in front of that.
5:45 pm
no. you know, there's nothing more annoying than a walk down the street or department store and hear someone talking loudly on their cell phone. that's what happens when you talk on the cell phone. you have a tendency to talk louder than you normally would. it's annoying. what is it that you need to say? >> pass the time. pass the time. >> as you get to a certain point, your ears are all stopped up, so you are talking louder. the difference of being in the grocery store is you can move. you are stuck right where you are. you cannot move. and i still worry about some of the telecommunications. the rule was in place for some reason, some concern, and if it means i don't get to use my cell phone, i'm good with that. i think the difference is, these airlines like virgin and other ones have their own cell phone towers attached to the plane. so there isn't the same issue with communication and radio
5:46 pm
waves being emitted by the cell tower and whether that will have some problem with the plane to function. you don't have those same issues. and they aren't -- our planes aren't like that yet. >> we'll have to push the mute button and move on into putting in long hours. a lot of folks like to work smart and get a lot done, but not stay late. managers look at how many hours you are looking in. is that really fair? >> i think this is something that really comes up. for me, it became an issue when i was a mom. because i was trying to cram so much more in to get home, get back, make sure everything is done. so you learn to work more efficiently. yet you don't want to look like the one that is slacking off. so it is leaving early. i do think that we have to give kudos to working efficiently. there's no other way to do that and manage a family life. >> just because somebody is working longer, doesn't mean they are working smarter. it doesn't mean that they are
5:47 pm
getting anything done. i mean, as working parents, we come in here and we do the best we can. at the certain point, we have to go home. we have a second job. we also are the ones who probably get up really early in the morning or stay up late at night to finish a script if we have to. so, i think that work should be a function of being efficient, getting the results that you are supposed to get, and not necessarily being at work from sun up to sun down. >> people locking on their e- mails and playing games on their computer. >> what are they doing? >> and staying long hours. >> free cell for three or four hours. a lot of folks have been layed off in our economy and in fact, apparently some of them are millionaires. in 2009, 2400 people were getting unemployment earned a million dollars or more, had assets to that level. congress is thinking about getting rid of unemployment insurance. is that fair? because you are talking about mean testing unemployment benefits.
5:48 pm
>> the gut reaction is yeah, maybe it's not fair. the truth is, these same people pay for that benefit. and so there's no income requirements for social security. there's no income requirement for medicare. and they pay for these benefits. so we might not feel sympathy for them with their houses and their cars and their jets and their villas, but they pay for the benefit. so technically, they should get the benefit. >> it under minds the purpose of the program. >> of course it does. >> the purpose of the program was to help those who needed it. not millionaires. >> purpose of the program was to help those who lost their jobs. and it's not means tested. >> in some of these cases, they looked at people whose spouses earned a lot or whatever. so there were varying factors involved and they said what lesli said, i earn the benefit to collect this unemployment while i lost my job. but it does thicken your crawl a little bit. we shouldn't hate, we should try to emulate. >> how about that. >> that's what mitt romney
5:49 pm
would say. let's move on to serena williams who says she used to compare herself with her taller, more slender sister venus and she admits to having big boobs and a massive butt. she wanted to look like venus. what does that mean when one of the greatest athletes has body issues? >> you said it with a straight face. >> look, the fact that serena had a bodacious butt was no surprise to me. >> and a whole lot of men took notice of it. she always looked good to me. i'm not gay, but serena always looked good to me. >> so you're not gay. >> everything about her. >> i think women are always so much harder on ourselves and we have a really different standard sometimes even than men on what we want our bodies to look like. in that article, she said she turned to yoga and pi lalates.
5:50 pm
i love both of them, to do the yoga and pilates, you feel better. >> i see where serena is going with this. my body is not the typical athlete's body. i'm a beast. i look like a beast, i'm a beast when i play. i play like a beast. but, i have some issues because all the imagery out there says you need to be long. you need to be tall, you need to be thin. you need to be this. i like the fact she acknowledges that i look different and that's okay. i have to be okay with that. >> i'm going to wear body hugging clothes and celebrate myself. >> that's the other thing. it's hard for me to believe that a woman that has worn things she has, has body issues. >> that black cat suit. you haven't forgotten about that. >> nobody will forget the black cat suit. no one. >> if i look like that, i would wear it every day. >> every day. never be the same. >> ladies, we thank you.
5:51 pm
we are just saying. topper, back to you, my friend. >> all right. let's start with a live look outside at our michael and son weather cam. 61 right now. dew points in the low 50s. pressure still steady. 30.11 inches of mercury. we have that northeasterly component to the wind. just keeping the low clouds across most of the metro area. we're going to zoom into the central plains and also the great lakes. another frontal system on the map. this will go through tomorrow afternoon. it's good news for us. it will usher in pleasant air for thursday and friday. it is possible we could see some mountain showers tomorrow afternoon. but it will go through the metro area dry and clear us out a little bit. in the meantime, some low clouds, a couple sprinkles. sprinkles in the forecast. a shower, and maybe some fog after midnight. temperatures, a little better than yesterday. but still below average. 59 in rockville. 59 in bethesda. 60 in great falls, but 58 in fairfax. looking at 58 in arlington.
5:52 pm
59 over in bowie. all right, improving slowly. for the most part, a dry evening commute. tomorrow morning, a wet commute in spots. especially south and east of town. coming in from annapolis on 50 west, some showers are possible. some drizzle from southern maryland, also some wet spots there. good news, more sun wednesday in the afternoon and good for the nats game and great by thursday. all right. future cast, midnight tonight, still some low clouds, a couple sprinkles confined to the bay. also the delmarva. we finally clear out in the afternoon, just in time for the nats game. we're in great shape. the front rolls through. for tonight, partly to mostly cloudy. some fog possible late. lows 42 to 50. still not that crazy cold this time of year. tomorrow morning, early shower possible. and then partial clearing and cool, 40s and 50s. by afternoon, in time for the nats game, partly cloudy, milder, highs near 70 and winds
5:53 pm
west, southwest at 10. so we are in great shape for the nats game. next three days, code green across the board. maybe a morning shower wednesday, 69. great on thursday, greet on friday. sunshine both days. mid 60s. next seven days, great on saturday. near 70. full sun. ravens at home playing. near 80 degrees on sunday. 73 with partly cloudy skies on tuesday. so great for the nats game the next three days and a very nice little warmer than average weekend headed our way. >> we like where this is going, top. thanks a lot. >> still ahead tonight, after being thrust into the middle of political debate, sesame street responds to big bird use in a campaign ad. >> then a little later, a soccer star makes headlines off the field after sending people running inside a convenience store. >> but first, the nats took a
5:54 pm
beatdown the other day. now they are coming home. try to hand one out to the other guys. kristen has more on that next in sports.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
our washington nationals are back home and ready to face st. louis in game three. >> that's right, there is plenty of work to do to overcome last night's unraveling. >> there's no other way to talk about it.
5:57 pm
it was embarrassing. kristen berset is here to tell us why the team is not down on themselves, right kristen? >> there is plenty to be optimistic about. the nats have a chance to take advantage of home field. as you said, the nats did blow their chance at getting a sweep after getting pummeled last night. which means the cardinals bring that momentum to d.c. the nationals were upbeat and still today, the majority of the guys took part in optional practice. content with their split in missouri. davey johnson says his guys have already moved on from last night's loss. >> we played exceptionally well here at home. you know, i like where we are at and i like the attitude. nice and relaxed and happy to be here. >> coming home and playing here is going to, you know, be good for us. crowds have been great for us all year. >> we have the home crowd on our side, but these guys, they have been here before. they aren't going to give in
5:58 pm
regardless of the road or at home. they are going to come out and put out a fight. >> here's why they are happy to be playing at home. not just for the fans. the nats did very well here in the nation's capital during the regular season. the team was 50-31 at nats park. that is tied for the second best home record in major league baseball. and the nats went 3-1 here in d.c. when st. louis was here. out scoring the red birds 31- 14. see if they can get it done tomorrow night. some good news for nationals fans. you won't have to play hooky from work again. i'll have the start time for the final matchup coming up later in sports. this is 9news now. >> well, we have multiple grounds, number one, i can get you three continuances for a parking ticket. >> tonight, jerry sandusky's attorney say they will appeal their client's sentence on child abuse sentence. a judge ruled the 68-year-old
5:59 pm
will serve between 30 and 60 years on 45 counts. >> i believe that the sentence that the court imposed today was a wise and proper one and it reflected the seriousness of the crimes. the harm caused and need to remove them from society. the victim's statements were a vivid reminder of the crimes, though no reminder was needed. >> andrea mccarren is live on what the victims and their lawyers had to say on today's sentencing. andrea. >> reporter: lesli, jerry sandusky's defiant rambling statement was no match for the anguished testimony of four of his victims. >> do you have anything to say today? >> jerry sandusky testified that he has been the victim in this child sex abuse scandal. but several young men claimed otherwise. one victim said through tears, he forced me to touch him. he called it horseplay, and only later did i

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